Seven Slightly Wacky Ways to Grow Your Business

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Seven Slightly Wacky Ways to Grow Your Business

Guest Article by Amy Fowler

These days, everyone is fighting hard to boost their business’ reach. Getting people’s attention and custom and coming up with new ideas in an attempt to grab it is becoming increasingly difficult. Old techniques aren’t as effective as they used to be, so it’s more important than ever to try out new strategies in order to grow your business.

Here are seven slightly interesting ways you might not have thought about before, that can really help to get your business noticed.

1. Organise a publicity stunt

If you want to grab a group of people’s attention, nothing will do it better than a publicity stunt. It’s something that people will look at, notice and hopefully, talk about.

There are loads of ways to carry out a publicity stunt – what you need to do is get creative. Having people dressed in branded costumes is a great start, but if you could have them give out leaflets or information relating to your company too then that’s even better.

Anything that catches potential customer’s attention and makes them remember your company and what it does will go down well. However, the more original, the better.

2. Help out a school or youth group

Depending on the nature of your business, chances are most school or youth sports team would be more than happy to accept your sponsorship. However, while this may not sound like it’d help your business, look at it this way: Not only would you be helping out the team out and the children within it, you’d also have a lot of grateful potential customers from their parents and organisers. If possible, have your company’s name and phone number printed on the team’s uniform.

However, it doesn’t have to be a sports team. You could help pay towards a school play or music show, and in return have your name and number printed on the back of leaflets or the show’s program.

3. Social Media

There are very few people today that aren’t using social media in one way or another, meaning that if you’re not socialising online yourself, you’re missing out.

Setting up a Facebook page and Twitter account is completely free. However, ensure to update the sites regularly, and try to include your social media details on promotional materials including your website.

4. Hold an event for a charity

Holding an event for a charity could help both your business and your charity in a number of ways. It’d make your company look better in the eyes of consumers for helping them out, and it’d help promote your business further.

5. Hold a talk

A good way to make people aware of your company is through holding a talk on the product or services you deal with. This is a great way to demonstrate that you’re an expert in your industry, as well as giving you some valuable publicity.

If it’s free and if you promote it properly you should be able to draw in quite a crowd, and once they trust your knowledge you’re likely to gain a few more customers.

6. Cooperate with other businesses

One company will use products from another company to carry out their work, such as a restaurant using ingredients that they’ve bought to make the food they serve.

Say your company produces certain ingredients, like a sauce for instance; you could offer it to the restaurant at a discounted cost if they put your logo and number in the menu under “sauces supplied by:” Customers who liked the sauce would then contact you, and you’ve got more business.

7. Write about your products or services

Just like holding a talk, writing about your products or services demonstrates the scope of your knowledge in your field.

It could be a book or on a blog, but as long as it shows you know what you’re talking about, anything’s good.

Written by guest author Amy Fowler on behalf of efulfilment experts, Hallmark.